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As trusted advisors, our philosophy is rooted in diligent research, patient investing, and avoiding speculation. We prioritize understanding businesses to make informed decisions for our clients.

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When helping my clients make financial decisions, my financial philosophy & process are grounded in two amazingly simple truths.

number-1-investment plan

The major force that drives world markets at any given time is human emotions.

number-2-investment analysis

On any given day, a quoted price for a business or company is rarely ever a true, accurate reflection of a business's actual and real value based on careful analysis of the financial statements and records.

It is for these two reasons that I recommend my valued clients work with a select number of smart, capable, focused, and disciplined money managers who each day diligently:

Search for great, quality businesses,

Do everything they possibly can to completely understand and value the businesses they find,
Patiently wait for the opportunity to invest in those businesses when the markets have significantly undervalued them,
Avoiding and/or selling them when the markets have overvalued them,
And most importantly… Never, EVER guess with client’s money.

Our Business Values



“We do the right thing!”

We always strive to act in the best interests of our clients, even if it brings us harm. We will never do anything that we would not want to be reported in the local newspaper or on Facebook or Twitter the following day.



We exist to provide our clients with the solid foundation which they require. It’s from this foundation that they can confidently make the best possible decisions for their long-term best interests.



Our unwavering commitment to the time-proven investment philosophy and process we follow will help our clients both grow and protect their financial capital over their lifetime.



We chose to identify and eliminate those things which are non-productive and distract us from our purpose. We strictly focus on the things that are in our control and diligently work to always do them to the best of our ability.

Our Pledge to You


You are our VALUED client.

You will never be just a number or a name on a page to us.
You will never be treated as a commodity.
We will do everything in our power to help you achieve your financial goals & dreams when you choose to partner with us.
Helping you make your financial decisions is a distinct honor and privilege which we take extremely seriously.
We will DILIGENTLY work each day in order to maintain your trust and preserve the valued honor and privilege of working with you.

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