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“The right information, at the right time, is priceless.” – Sam Zell

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After spending most of the last 26 years doing my best to help people make good decisions managing their money, I have learned that the more things change, the more things truly stay the same.

Today, we live in a world with 24-hour news/business channels, social media, short attention spans, online chat rooms, spam emails, etc. We can read any newspaper published in the world, watch any business news channel, and call or video chat with anyone we wish, all with a few simple keystrokes at a computer or a push of a button to 2 on our smartphone. Our great-grandparents could never have imagined how far we have come in less than a century.

You would think that all this technology and information at our fingertips would make our lives easier when it comes to making financial decisions that will have a bearing on the rest of our lives. I can tell you from experience, IT DOESN’T. In fact, it makes the process much, much more difficult.

Many people taking the time to read this will be surprised to learn that the number one reason people experience substandard investment returns when compared to the long-term results of the world stock markets is because they allow their EMOTIONS to take over their investment decision process.

I get it—we all like to feel good. And it is mentally easier than the alternative of feeling bad, uneasy, worried, or outright scared. But the truth is, as the 20-year chart below shows us, investors, who allow their emotions (or FEAR) to overtake a sound, well-built, and well-maintained, LONG-TERM investment plan are actually increasing their risk of suffering inadequate results, not decreasing those risks.

“Those who can’t remember history are condemned to repeat it.” – Sam Zell
My job is not to give my client what they WANT (or as in most cases, what they THINK they want).

The only way I can truly deliver long-term value to my clients is to recommend and give them what they truly need.

Anything less than this, and I am doing my clients a complete disservice which will eventually end in disappointment for all parties involved. I emphatically believe that it is my job to help my valued clients make smart, logical, and well-informed financial decisions that will not only improve their financial well-being over time but also protect it in the long term as well.

If you would like to work with an investment professional who will (1) help you maximize the investment years you have left, (2) promise to do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to always act in your best interests, (3) help you make sound and well informed long term financial decisions and (4) recommend what you actually need, please contact me and ask for your FREE, no-obligation consultation.

Brian Golly

Smart Investing Solutions Inc.
Regina, Saskatchewan

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