Tax & Estate Planning Strategies

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The questionnaire you can download below is an online tool designed to provide you with a comprehensive list of tax saving strategies that are personalized and relevant to you and your family's current financial situation. In other words, this tool is designed to meet you where you are currently with your tax and estate planning needs and highlight any areas of concern that require your attention.

When you download the document, answer all the questions (multiple choice) and send in your completed questionnaire, you will receive back a comprehensive report detailing tax strategies relevant to your personal situation (based on your responses). This detailed report will cover strategies in 11 different tax planning categories:

  1. General Strategies
  2. Family Strategies
  3. Employee Strategies
  4. Self-Employed Strategies
  5. Corporate Owner Strategies
  6. Investor / Investing Strategies
  7. Real Estate Strategies
  8. Retirement Strategies
  9. Estate Planning Strategies
  10. U.S. Connections
  11. Disability Strategies

You can get the process underway today by following these simple instructions:

Download Questionnaire PDF
  1. "Right click" your mouse on this PDF document link or the button link above and save the PDF to your desktop.
  2. Open the document, complete your name and contact information on page 1.
  3. Answer every question starting on page 2 all the way through to page 13.
  4. Save the completed questionnaire to your desktop.
  5. Choose one of the following...
    • "scan and email" your completed questionnaire to "" or...
    • Print your completed questionnaire and fax the entire document to our office at 306-205-7192 or...
    • Print your completed questionnaire and mail the entire document to our office at:
      Smart Investing Solutions Inc.
      Attn: Tax & Estate Planning
      Suite 230 - 2300 Dewdney Avenue
      Regina, Saskatchewan, S4R 1H5

Once we receive your completed questionnaire, your personalized Tax & Estate planning strategy report will be generated and send back to you.

** All information disclosed by you will be held in the strictest of confidence. Any and all contact information you disclose will only be used by employees of Smart Investing Solutions Inc. and will not, in any way, shape or form, be shared with any other 3rd party **


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