Brian's Investment Philosophy

My investment philosophy is based on two simple truths.

Number One: The major force that drives world stock markets at any given time are    Human Emotions.

Number Two: On any given day, a quoted stock price for a company is very rarely ever    an accurate reflection of the true value of that business.

It is for these reasons that I recommend my valued clients work with a select number of smart, capable and disciplined money mangers, who focus each day on:

  • Finding and understanding great quality businesses,
  • Purchasing them when they are undervalued,
  • Selling them when they are overvalued,
  • And most importantly… Never guessing with client’s money.

By maintaining our discipline of working with great money managers, combined with an asset allocation appropriate to each client’s needs… History shows us that over time, we will realize above average investment returns while keeping volatility to a minimum.”

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